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Emergency & Exit
Lighting Services
in Melbourne

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your property and its occupants, having a reliable emergency and exit lighting system is crucial

Australian Air Conditioning and Electrical, based in Melbourne, is your trusted partner in all matters related to emergency and exit lighting. With a focus on testing, upgrading, and installing central emergency light test points, we provide comprehensive solutions to keep your property well-lit during critical situations.

Testing of Emergency Lighting Systems

Regular testing of emergency lighting systems is essential to ensure that they function optimally when needed. Our expert technicians at Australian Air Conditioning and Electrical are well-versed in conducting thorough assessments of your emergency lighting. We adhere to industry standards and regulations, meticulously checking for any signs of malfunction, inadequate illumination, or damaged components.

Our testing process involves a comprehensive evaluation of:

Battery Performance

We check the batteries that power your emergency lights to ensure they are functioning correctly and have the required capacity to provide illumination during power outages.

Lamp Functionality

We inspect each lamp and bulb to ensure they are in good working order. Any faulty lamps are promptly replaced to ensure consistent illumination.

Functional Testing

Our technicians simulate power outages to test the response of your emergency lighting system. We verify that lights activate promptly and provide sufficient brightness for safe evacuation.

Duration Testing

We assess how long the emergency lights can provide illumination during an outage. If the duration is insufficient, we recommend appropriate battery replacements or system upgrades.

Upgrade Existing Emergency Lighting

If your current emergency lighting system is outdated or no longer meets compliance standards, Australian Air Conditioning and Electrical can provide expert upgrades. We work closely with you to assess your specific needs and budget constraints, offering tailored solutions that enhance the safety and reliability of your emergency lighting.

Our upgrade services include:

LED Lighting Conversion

Transitioning to energy-efficient LED emergency lights not only reduces energy costs but also improves illumination quality and longevity.

Battery Replacement

Upgrading to high-capacity, long-lasting batteries ensures that your emergency lights perform optimally when required.

Smart Lighting Systems

Implementing smart lighting technology allows for remote monitoring and control, making maintenance and compliance management more efficient.

Change Over Faulty Fittings

Faulty emergency light fittings can compromise safety during critical situations. Australian Air Conditioning and Electrical specializes in diagnosing and rectifying issues with emergency lighting fittings. Whether it’s a faulty connection, damaged wiring, or a malfunctioning component, we have the expertise to resolve these problems promptly and efficiently.

Our technicians are equipped to handle

Electrical Faults

We identify and repair any electrical faults within the emergency lighting circuit, ensuring that the system operates safely and reliably.

Physical Damage

If your emergency lights have sustained physical damage, we can repair or replace damaged components to restore their functionality.

Install Central Emergency Light Test Points

Central emergency light test points are essential for streamlined testing and maintenance of your emergency lighting system. Australian Air Conditioning and Electrical can install these test points, providing you with a convenient and efficient way to verify the functionality of your emergency lights regularly.

Benefits of central emergency light test points include:

Simplified Testing

Easily conduct system-wide tests without the need to access individual fixtures, saving time and resources.

Compliance Assurance

Ensure that your emergency lighting system complies with regulations by regularly verifying its functionality.

Efficient Maintenance

Identify and address issues promptly, reducing downtime and ensuring that your emergency lights are always ready for action.

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At Australian Air Conditioning and Electrical, we are committed to enhancing the safety and security of your property through our emergency and exit lighting services. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your emergency lighting system is in reliable hands. Contact us today to discuss your emergency lighting needs and schedule a consultation with our experienced team in Melbourne.

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